Bryant Temple Church of God in Christ

Perseverance Still Lives....     

The Leola B. Bryant Library

Mother Leola B. Bryant was always concerned about God's word and teaching it to anyone who was willing to learn. She was eager to do her part whether it was for a member or someone with a broken heart. She taught obedience and labored in it as well. She stood for right and not wrong and often said, "If you love me, you better love me for the truth." She always proclaimed that her whole body belonged to God. She instilled in so many young people that education was imperative and began the Leola B. Bryant Scholarship Foundation. She cleared the path for so many young adults and often said, "let us speak the same thing, walk by the same rule, and don't forget to pray." Her memories still live today.

In 2010 Bryant Temple dedicated a memorial library in honor of Mother Leola B. Bryant.