Bryant Temple Church of God in Christ

Perseverance Still Lives....     

   The Old and the New

The Bryant Temple Church of God in Christ was originally called, Three In One Church of God in Christ, which was located on 217 North Baker Hill in the Allendale section of Shreveport, Louisiana. The founder and pastor was Elder A.R.T. (Artimus) McNeil, who was one of God's true servants. In 1950, the small frame church included Mother Leola Bryant, Sister Byrd, Sister Mattie P.

Walker, Sister Lillie Graham, Sister Alberta Woodard, Sister Ella Barnum, Missionary Maggie Morris, and Deacon & Sister Henry Johnson. They organized Bible Band in their homes by praying and teaching lessons from the Bible. From this Bible study, Elder Andrew Bryant, Deacon and Sister Ben Bradford and others were added to the church.

    In 1955, Pastor McNeil's health started to deteriorate and he asked Elder Andrew Bryant to take over Three In One for him, because he was no longer able to pastor the church. Elder Bryant eagerly accepted and continued to deliver God's word to lost souls. Elder Bryant and Mother Bryant saw a need to renovate the small wooden church by enlarging and bricking it. The members eagerly agreed and helped to raise money by selling plate lunches and snow cones to pay the monthly note.

    The Lord continued to save souls and Elder Bryant and Mother Bryant wanted a better and larger building to serve God, therefore they started looking for a church. They found one at 1413 Murphy in the year of 1968. At first at this location, only Sunday School was held with Brother Morris Tate as superintendent, Brother and Sister Tate's children as students, Sister Willease Armstrong and Mother Leola Bryant serving as Sunday School teachers. In the spring of 1969, the entire Three In One COGIC moved over to Murphy Street with a great celebration.

    Bishop J.W. White, formally, the Western Louisiana Jurisdiction recognized how Elder Bryant and Mother Bryant had worked so faithfully and contributed personal finances to help the church in anyway they could, requested that Three in One COGIC should be changed to Bryant Temple COGIC. In 1971, the Allendale District was organized and Elder Andrew Bryant was appointed the superintendent that year by Bishop White. The Lord continued to bless Bryant Temple in the new location and showered His blessings upon its members by providing funds to pay for the building. A huge Mortgage Burning Celebration was held on December 8, 1985.

    After the church was at this location for seventeen and one half years, the Louisiana State Highway Department decided to build I-49, which would be built where the church was located. After Mother Bryant, Elder Bryant, and members looked fervently for a new location, Mother Bryant found one at 6805 West Canal Boulevard, Shreveport, Louisiana (our present location). After moving the church had a Mortgage Burning Celebration on April 24, 1988. Mother Leola Bryant worked fervently and enthusiastically to promote auxiliaries in the church as well as carrying out her responsibilities as Supervisor of Women for First Jurisdiction of Louisiana. Her work and endeavor continued until the Lord saw fit to call her home on October 24, 2003.

Superintendent Andrew Bryant continued to deliver the word of God to his flock and Allendale District until his health started failing him. Therefore, on

June 25, 2004, he retired from the position of superintendent of the Allendale District after thirty-two years of honorable, dedicated, and untiring service. In addition, on November 2, 2004, Elder Bryant appointed Elder Leroy Ealy to become Assistant Pastor of Bryant Temple COGIC. Elder Ealy worked diligently by his side and filled many capacities to help keep the church moving forward. During the summer of 2005, Elder Bryant's health continued to decline, and he asked Bishop Roy L.H. Winbush to consider Elder Ealy as Pastor of Bryant Temple. Therefore on August 14, 2005, Bishop Winbush named Elder Leroy Ealy as Pastor of Bryant Temple Church of God in Christ.